Summer Bucket List & Speech: Splash Parks!

August is here and that usually means it will start to get hot! My family is planning on trying out a few local splash parks to have some fun and stay cool.   Focusing on verbs, or the action words, is a great way to support your child’s speech and language development while staying cool. For younger children, a parent may say the word while doing the action (e.g., “dump” while dumping water). For a preschooler, it may be using the word in sentences or asking the child what action the parent should do next. For school-age children, have them brainstorm possible verbs and then use them in sentences or write/draw a picture at home later.  Take a bucket so your child can collect the water!

Here’s a list of verbs to get you started!

Splash     spray     stop     stand     climb     stomp     squirt     start     jump        hide                 slosh       fill

dump       scoop    go        duck      dive      catch       drip        wade    squat      splattering        ripple

Some splash parks you might want to check out:

-Close to the office, the small fountain/spray fountains at Hangar Square in Kenmore

Willis Tucker in Snohomish 

Crossroads Water Spray Park in Bellevue

Edmonds City Park



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